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About is a web browser based application based upon the annotation client which allows you to annotate and PDFs for peer review. Only a unique PDF identifier and not peer-review PDFs are stored in the cloud while locks down client functionality so no peer-review data is shared (the default of the semantic web client). In addition, provides a quick summary of all annotations of a PDF which you can copy and paste to the any publisher's interface. I'm indebted to the project to make this possible, please consider contributing to the project.


Installation Instructions

1. download the Google Chrome extension

2. signup for an hypothesis account, or login

3. create the "Revizin" [upper case R] group to hold review comments

4. start annotating using major or minor comments

5. press the Review Report to generate a report !



I differentiated the style and labelling of the extension enough so you would notice the difference if running the standard client concurrently. Avoid activating them both, as this will cause trouble. I hope over time features will be integrated in the original client.

Labelling is also not consistent throughout the client. As such, you will see references to everywhere, as it still drives the whole framework.

Take note that your review report will be stored on the servers and might be accessible by system administrators. My precautions in the extension only prevent accidental public releases of peer-review data, but can't prevent high level access to the database.


This work is based upon the original client. The source code is open on my github page in compliance with the licenses. I thank Robert Knight for his help in getting this started, and I hope to contribute to the discussion and integration of this idea into the original client.

Contact Information

Questions, feedback, get in touch!